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As a global city, The Hague is a great place for foreign nationals to live and work.

You will encounter hundreds of different languages and talents in The Hague. The city’s native inhabitants work alongside expat colleagues from all over the world.

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With many organisations looking for talent, The Hague actively attracts talented people for the roles in high demand. Starting with Data Scientists and Process Engineers. We encourage you to start the chat to explore the careers available.

Data Science Jobs

Various organisations

Data science jobs are available at a broad range of companies, from startups to large organisations. In fields like space, robotics, medtech and of course peace and justice.

With a range of roles

They are looking for computer vision engineers, machine learning experts and other data science roles. With either more experience in engineering or more focus on tech lead or research. Ranging from junior to seniors or PhDs.

Looking for all kinds of skill sets

People skilled in R, Python, Java or other relevant languages, with knowledge for instance frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch or Keras. Either experts in knowledge graph mining, NLP, text mining or a juniors in computer vision.

If you're a data scientist, we'll probably have interesting jobs for you.

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In The Hague, the future belongs to the talented

It does not matter where you are from or what you look like. It does not matter whether you prefer to dress casually or wear bespoke suits. If your ideas are good, The Hague is the place for you. This is especially true if your ideas are innovative and contribute to making the world a better place. That is what The Hague, the international city of peace and justice, is all about.

Proud of who we are

The Hague is a unique city with many distinct neighbourhoods. Its people are proud of their identity, but they also tend to look beyond borders. There is a good reason why The Hague is the international city of peace and justice. It’s a place where people like to live comfortably while working towards a better world

In The Hague, everyone is welcome.

This makes it an attractive destination for visitors and international talent. With its 11 kilometres of beach and dunes, The Hague is the Dutch city by the sea. Scheveningen is the most popular seaside resort in the Netherlands, but The Hague is also thepolitical centre of the country, with the Dutch Houses of Parliament located in the heart of the city. And while our football club may not always win, its players proudly wear the city’s green and yellow colours.

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In a few simple steps we connect you with employers in The Hague. To discuss their talent need and the advancement of your career.

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See what other Hagenaars and internationals say about The Hague


The great benefit of The Hague Security Delta is that a lot of institutes and companies are so close to each other which makes working together really easy.


The Hague gives you the feeling that you’re welcome. The people here are willing to talk to you and help you out.


Because everyone working in the field of peace and justice wants to be here, the discussions with colleague's have a really high standard.

Christophe — Researcher

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