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With many organisations looking for talent, The Hague actively attracts talented people for the roles in high demand. Starting with data scientists and related roles.

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Data scientists, and related talent available

We focus our attraction efforts on data scientists. Of course talent in related roles apply as well. Data engineers, AI experts, data analysts. There's a broad range of people available to get the best match for you.

800+ attracted

From all over Europe and the Netherlands.

400+ willing and able

Talent interested in careers in The Hague

150+ in review

Potential candidates standing out.

100 Data scientists

And another 150 data analysts, 50+ data engineers, and 100+ in other related roles

10 PhDs, 240 MsC and 80 BsC

From junior to senior. From graduates to 10+ years experience.

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Attracting talent can be both time consuming and costly. Yet, participation is free. We just ask for commitment to our talent friendly approach and a swift process and open collaboration.

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What does it cost?

It's free for now. No cost for participating, candidates or hiring fees. It won't stay like this forever, but we will let you know in advance of course.

Can you meet our requirements?

We have a broad range of talents coming in, it's likely we'll have something for your specific needs. Let us know what you're looking for.

Only data scientists?

We primarily target data scientists, but of course we attract people in related roles as well. Data engineers, analysts, etc.

What is global talent?

The focus is on international minded people in the Netherlands and the EU, with an active work permit. If you are a sponsor and open to people currently without a work permit, please let us know.